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Pluslife Mini Dock

The Mini Dock is a rapid molecular diagnostic system using isothermal amplification technology, RHAM, provides excellent results comparable to qPCR tests. The product is compact and portable, with easy-to-operate procedure to obtain results within 35 minutes. that can be used to detect a range of infectious diseases including:

  • Respiratory diseases including Influenza virus A(IVA). Influenza virus B(IVB) and Respiratory syncytial virus(RSV).
  • Sexually transmitted infections CT NG UU HPV Trichomonas
  • Strep A/B, Hepatitis C
  • Monkeypox
  • TB,Dengue, MRSA etc.

Free: App available for Android, Iphone and PC

Excellent flexibility: Choose between SINGLE, FIVE, or EIGHT configuration for optimal flexibility, accommodating the varying needs of different projects and throughput requirements.

Pluslife Dock Pro 8

This instrument is based on constant temperature nucleic acid amplification technology
and integrates automatic scanning and identification of samples and chips, automatic
analysis and reporting of test results, and simultaneous testing of multiple samples and

The instrument automatically identifies the sample and chip identifiers, provides a suitable environment for the in vitro amplification of nucleic acids using temperature
control and captures the fluorescence signal generated during the amplification process
and converts it into an electrical signal. The instrument has a built-in analysis function
that automatically analyses the recorded signals and returns the test results

Product Features:

①Microfluidic chip – ready to use, closed reaction chamber to avoid cross-contamination;

Lyophilized reagents – storage and transportation at room temperature, without professional cold chain transportation;

③Integrated quality control – the built-in internal standard detection system of the test card, the whole process of effective quality control;

④Sample-free extraction – nucleic acid is released after sample collection, no separate extraction process is required;

⑤ Miniaturized equipment – small and convenient, easy to carry, and cost controllable;

Simple and easy to learn – not restricted by professional environment and personnel, saving manpower and material resources;

⑦ Fast and accurate results – results comparable to PCR can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes;

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